The daughter secretly went out, was discovered by her father and forced her to sleep together, and that was the end

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    Seeing her father drunk and sleeping on the bed, Egan's chatty daughter began to tiptoe out of the house to make an appointment with her friend. The reason she has to be so sneaky is because her family is a well-educated family, strict in all actions, especially forbidding the children to go out at night while she accidentally promised to go out with friends that night. there. As soon as she walked out the door, her father suddenly woke up. Fortunately, there was still some alcohol left in him, so he only called her to sleep with him and did not punish her harshly. Thinking there was some luck in the misfortune, but no, he took her hand and continuously used it to rub his super big cock. That was a sign of the misfortune that was about to happen when all night long. Then she must serve and satisfy her wretched father's animalistic desires.
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